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Amazonite Bracelet Kit

Amazonite Bracelet Kit

Lovingly craft your own Amazonite Mala Bracelet!  The Amazonite Bracelet Kit includes: Amazonite beads (all-natural, untreated), pre-tied elastic, beading needle, & mini info sheet about your crystals' spiritual properities.  Follow along with the Wild Rose Malas bracelet tutorial video featured on the website for bracelet-making steps and tips.  Happy crafting!

  • Care Instructions

    It is recommended to remove your bracelet before taking a shower, swimming, playing with pets, or playing with your small children.  These activities can add wear and tear or break your bracelet.  You can also provide your bracelet with energetic care by laying them out in full moonlight, smudging with palo santo or sage, or cleanse Amazonite under luke-warm water & dry in the sunlight for a couple of hours!

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