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Mama Bracelet Stack

Mama Bracelet Stack

Three beautiful crystal bracelets using Rose Quartz (AAA), Natural Amazonite, & Natural Aquamarine.  Rose Quartz helps mamas tap into their natural source of unconditional love.  Amazonite soothes emotions, stress, and tension that busy mamas may experience.  Aquamarine is a stone of courage that supports new mamas experiencing childbirth and labor--it's also known for its calming energies which suit any stage of motherhood!  A powerful combo for that amazing mama in your life.  *only high quality crystals used in all Wild Rose Malas jewelry*

  • Care Instructions

    It is recommended to remove your bracelets before taking a shower, swimming, playing with pets, or playing with your small children.  These activities can add wear and tear or break your bracelets.  You can also provide your bracelets with energetic care by laying them out in full moon light or smudging with palo santo or sage.  Lastly, Rose Quartz and Aquamarine and not "sun safe" crystals as their color will fade with excessive sun exposure--consider taking these bracelets off before a long day outside.

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