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Sandalwood Mala

Sandalwood Mala

This Sandalwood Mala is tied with the intention of Divinity.  Sandalwood is believed to bring one closer to the Divine/Universe + the Clear Quartz guru bead adds a little extra metaphysical oomph!  Your mala will be shipped with details about the metaphysical properties of Sandalwood + an informative packet on how to use your mala in meditation practice, how to store and care for your mala, and the history and culture of malas.


    This Sandalwood Mala is crafted from high-quality Sandalwood and Clear Quartz.  Wear your Mala underneath your shirt if you wish to protect its energies and intentions or wear it outwardly as a symbol of your yoga, meditation, or spiritual practice.  Feel free to share with your friends and family the significance and meaning behind your mala necklace or bracelet!


    Return and refund policy:  all sales are final.  If mala necklace or bracelet breaks due to design error (within 1-3 months of purchase) Wild Rose Malas will replace the product free of charge. 


    U.S. shipping is included in the cost of your mala (excluding Alaska and Hawaii.)  Malas are shipped in a padded, secure mailing envelope.  The customer will need to reimburse Wild Rose Malas if they enter incorrect shipping information and their product needs to be shipped again.

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