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Witchy Vibes Mala

Witchy Vibes Mala

Embrace the protective & grounding energy of the black crystals & stones with our Witchy Vibes Mala necklace. This stunning piece features a combination of powerful crystals including black onyx, black tourmaline, black lava,  & black spinel; designed to enhance your intuition, protect your energy, and awaken your inner witch. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just beginning to explore the magical world of crystals and spirituality, this mala necklace is the perfect addition to your collection. The 108 beads are hand-knotted with durable and strong nylon thread, creating a beautiful and functional piece of jewelry that will stand the test of time. Embrace your inner mystic and radiate fierce, witchy vibes with this captivating Mala necklace.

  • Mala Care

    Energetically cleanse your mala necklace regularly using moonlight or sacred smoke (e.g., sage or palo santo.) Enjoy!

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