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Fire Quartz Mala.jpg

Fire Quartz Mala | 1 available

Hematite & Clear Quartz combine in a reaction that creates this gorgeous crystal:  Fire Quartz.  Hand-tied with the energy of the crystal itself, "Loving Consciousness."  Finished off with a wooden lotus flower guru bead & handcrafted burgundy cotton tassel.  Perfect for Mantra Meditation or everyday adornment!

Libra Mala.JPG

Libra Mala | 1 available

Crystals & Intentions selected specifically for you Libras out there!  The Libra Mala is composed of Aquamarine, Citrine, Selenite, & Labradorite.  These are very high vibrational crystals, making this mala truly powerful for the wearer.  Tied with the Libra-enhancing Intentions of Courage, Creativity, Transformation, & Connection.

7 chakras bracelet set.JPG

7 Chakras Bracelet Set

The 7 Chakras are the 7 energy centers within the body which connect us to ourselves and the metaphysical.  These stackable Chakra bracelets provide you with support in all 7 Chakras + look like a gorgeous rainbow on your wrist!

Root Chakra bracelet.jpg

Root Chakra bracelet

Rose Gold Hematite & Smoky Quartz combine their powers to support the Root Chakra.  This energetic center, located at the base of the spine, awakens us to our primal needs & a sense of security.

Clearly Divine Mala.JPG

Clearly Divine Mala | 1 available

Meditate with the heavenly scent of Barbie Sandalwood & the energetic powers of Clear Quartz.  The Clearly Divine Mala is tied with the intentions of Divinity & Energy Amplification.

FullSizeRender (13).jpg

Crimson Crush Mala Bracelet | 1 available

An excellent mala bracelet for meditation, Root Chakra work, or anyone who loves red!  Crystals used are Red Jasper, Mookaite Jasper, & Red Tiger's Eye.

Sacral Chakra bracelet.jpg

Sacral Chakra bracelet

Peach Moonstone & Sunstone combine their powers to support the Sacral Chakra.  This energetic center, located at low belly, awakens us to our creativity & sensuality.

Virgo Mala.jpeg

The Virgo Mala | 1 available

Crystals & Intentions selected specifically for you Virgos out there!  The Virgo Mala is composed of Amazonite, Mookaite Jasper, & Citrine.  Tied with the Virgo-enhancing Intentions of Inner Truth, Manifestation, & Self-Confidence.

Solar Plexus Chakra bracelet.jpg

Solar Plexus Chakra bracelet

Citrine & Honey Calcite combine their powers to support the Solar Plexus Chakra.  This energetic center, located where the inner ribs meet, awakens us to our confidence & healthy ego.

Dalmatian Jasper Mala.jpg

Dalmatian Jasper Mala | 1 available

Anyone else reminiscing about 101 Dalmatians when looking at this mala?  This mala has been tied with the Intentional Energy of "Inner Child."

Purple Rain Mala.jpg

Purple Rain Mala | 1 available

Purple ombre mala fading from light to dark purple using Charoite, Raspberry Quartz, & Amethyst.

Heart Chakra bracelet.jpg

Heart Chakra bracelet

Chrysoprase is a powerful crystal which supports the Heart Chakra.  This energetic center, located at the heart, awakens us to our passions, empathy, & love.

Heavily Meditated Mala.jpeg

Heavily Meditated Mala | Sold // 1 of a kind

Black Lava, Smoky Quartz, & Zebra Jasper bring so many dreamy, metaphysical properties to the Heavily Meditated Mala.  Tied with the Intentions of Tranquility, Stress Relief, & Dream Recall.  Use the Black Lava beads & pendant as a natural essential oil diffuser you can drape around your neck!

Totally Radical Mala.JPG

Totally Radical Mala | 1 available

Enjoy a rainbow of crystals!! The Totally Radical Mala features Pink Agate, Tibetan Turquoise, Heishi-cut undyed Turquoise, Honey Calcite, Coral Agate, Charoite, African Opal, & traditional Turquoise.  Tied with the Intention of Chakra Magick.

Throat Chakra bracelet.jpg

Throat Chakra bracelet

Amazonite & Aquamarine combine their powers to support the Throat Chakra.  This energetic center, located at the throat, awakens us to our voice & self-expression.


Sunshine Infinity Mala | SOLD OUT // custom piece

Yellow jade & citrine beads + cheery gold accents.

Third Eye Chakra bracelet.jpg

Third Eye Chakra bracelet

Sodalite, Angelite, & Purple Fluorite combine their powers to support the Third Eye Chakra.  This energetic center, located at the brow center, awakens us to our spirituality, intuition, & purpose.

FullSizeRender (3)_edited.jpg

Protect Your Psyche Mala | Waitlist only

Lightweight, fully black mala alternating between matte onyx & shiny tourmaline beads (6 mm.)

Crown Chakra bracelet.jpg

Crown Chakra bracelet

Sugilite & Amethyst combine their powers to support the Crown Chakra.  This energetic center, located at the crown of the head, awakens us to our spirituality and connects us to the Universe/Divine/a Higher Power.

FullSizeRender (3)_edited.jpg

Pure Patience Mala | 1 available

round & rectangular prism beads with elegant silver accents.


All You Need is Love Mala | 1 available

Alternating round Rose Quartz beads (6 & 8 mm) with beautiful silver accents.

FullSizeRender (10)_edited_edited.jpg

Fragrant Sandalwood Mala | Waitlist only

Sandalwood beads + Clear Quartz guru bead.

FullSizeRender (7).jpg

Mama Mala | 1 available

Rose Quartz, Sandalwood, Unakite, & Peach Moonstone |

•Rose Quartz: the ultimate crystal of love throughout your pregnancy, birth, & in the early days of motherhood.
•Unakite: aids in a healthy pregnancy & delivery. Fosters healthy relationships with your child(ren) through creating balanced emotions.
•Moonstone: known as the “Goddess Crystal.” Promotes fertility & stimulates the pineal gland. A natural hormone regulator & must-have crystal for all women.
•Sandalwood: improves sleep & relieves anxiety {something every mama & mama-to-be can appreciate!}


Tranquil Cowboy Pendant Mala | 1 available

Alternating round beads (6 & 8 mm) & bold silver accents + unique Moss Agate pendant & bolo tie style base accents.

Ocean Blues Infinity Mala.jpg

Deep Blue Sea Infinity Mala | SOLD OUT // custom piece

A soothing custom mala, crafted in an infinity-style, featuring a protective silver hand & lotus flower charm.  Crystals featured are Galaxy Tiger's Eye, Apatite, & Turquoise.

Green Moonstone Mala.jpg

Green Goddess Mala | 1 available

Beautiful Green Moonstone beads (6mm) with delicate gold spacer beads create a lightweight & elegant looking Mala necklace.

FullSizeRender (9)_edited_edited.jpg

Sunset Mala |  SOLD OUT // Custom piece

Madagascar coral agate, pink wood jasper, raspberry quartz, strawberry quartz, amethyst, & sacred seven beads + brass accents & wooden lotus flower guru bead.

Carnelian Mala.jpg

Fire Starter Mala | 1 available

Smooth & faceted Carnelian beads, moving in a fade pattern from light red at the Guru bead to dark red at the back of the neck.

White Turquoise_Lava_Ocean Jasper_Wood Mala.jpg

Elemental Mala | 1 available

Tap into the elements through a composition of White Turquoise, Brown Lava, Wood, & Ocean Jasper beads.  Root down & rise up with this beautiful, wooden lotus flower Guru bead.

Bumblebee Jasper Mala.JPG

Bee's Knees Mala | 1 available

Sweet lil Bumblebee Jasper Mala with a honeycomb Guru bead dripping at the base.

Juicy Fruit Mala.jpg

Juicy Fruit Mala | 1 available

Sure to provide you with a juicy meditation, this mala is comprised of Coral Agate, Rutilated Quartz, & Sunstone.

Hot Ta_Mala.jpeg

The Hot Ta-Mala | 1 available

Open up your Sacral Chakra with the feisty energies of Carnelian & Fire Agate.  Tied with the Intentions of Sensuality & Motivation.

Light and Shadow Mala.JPG

Emotional Support Mala | Seasonal Affective Disorder


Light & Shadow Mala

  • The Light & Shadow Mala is designed with crystals & tied with affirmations that combat Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Affirmations tied into the Mala are:
    •I am Resilient.
    •I am Separate from my depression.
    •I am Loved.

  • {•Crystals: Clear Quartz, Tourmalinated Quartz, Citrine, & Black Tourmaline•}

  • My intention behind the Emotional Support Malas is to create a talisman you can carry with you. It should be used alongside continuing mental health practices such as talk therapy, meditation, yoga, healthy community, nutrition, etc. The Emotional Support Malas are not intended to serve as a cure-all for any mental health disorder, rather, as a trusted companion.


Our Origins

  Jackie began Wild Rose Malas three years ago as a mala-making hobbyist.  Her design work attracted attention quickly on social media and soon she was filling custom order requests.  Wild Rose Malas specializes in custom design malas necklaces and bracelets and has expanded to offer gorgeous ombre malas and ready-made, single-stone malas. 

  Not only are aesthetics and affordability important to Wild Rose Malas but so is maintaining the culture and origins of mala / meditation jewelry.  A portion of every Wild Rose Malas sale is donated to the Tibetan Nuns Project.  Along with helping donate to a worthy cause, each client receives with their mala educational information about the proper care, spiritual origins, and meditation practices of mala jewelry. 

Feel free to browse the website and check out the Wild Rose Malas line which offers single-stone malas, gorgeous ombre malas, and custom-designed malas (click here to begin your custom mala experience!)

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